Session 1
...well technically #3...

The session before…
Our heroes were amid a gruesome battle with the treacherous Lord Eredin in the abandoned town circle. He had since tossed the ancient book from which he was casting his spells into the center where Sha’kuul and Thaddeus were thrown into a stupor. Once the tome was destroyed, most of the team looked to Eredin for answers, but some were out for revenge. With a quick dash toward the creeping coward, Sha’kuul thrust his trident at the treacherous spellcaster, only to find his weapon buried deep into the hide of a massive elk. His attack stopped from inflicting a potentially lethal blow as Eredin reached out a hand, muttered a few words, and Zahira’s skin turning quickly to stone.

Session 3: Pressing ‘Rewind’
Sha’kuul retracted his weapon with the realization of what he had done. Zahira nearly mortally wounded collapsed to the ground and transformed back into her tiefling self again. In anguish she did everything to keep herself between the wretched mage and this monster that only sought destruction and death. Having heard the very words of the mage in her own native tongue, she felt compassion for him and wanted to do everything to help. Unfortunately, Sha’kuul would not stand for this. Grabbing Zahira and shoving her aside, he went to make his move on Eredin once again, but with one swift action, he had vanished into thin air. Leaving no traces of himself, the team launched a full investigation of the surrounding area only to come up with nothing. The wizard, Puff, even having studied for years at the magic academy could not decipher exactly what this spell was. It seems that they have lost him with out the answers they were seeking nor the retribution.

With no where else to go and supplies limited, the only choice they had was northbound to the base of Mt. An’du, where Khuthok had left the remains of his past for what he thought would have been the rest of his life. In his moment of regress, he explained to the party of his exile, as well as the loved one (with a bigger penis) that he had to leave behind. They understood it was difficult for him, but in reality, they had no other choice. Traveling toward the base of the mountain, they had to pass through a thicket of trees a couple miles deep. These woods did not seem ominous at first, but upon passing almost a mile in, something just did not seem right. As Khuthok made every effort to keep on eye on Sha’kuul, the group marched onward down the narrow path. As a breeze rolled by, a noise was heard deep within the brush. Sort of unsure of the situation, Thaddeus fired an arrow straight into the thicket, to no apparent result. Just as shaken, Khuthok fired some of his darts down the path, maiming a small rabbit that he took for resources.

Then, just as the next calm breeze flowed through the path and rustled the trees into a frenzy, a cloaked figure dropped from the sky by a vine, with his eye very keenly set on Sha’kuul. Sha’kuul managed to raise his shield just enough to deflect the swift blade of the gliding scimitar as the cloaked figure disappeared to the opposite side of the path. In that moment, Khuthok threw another dart in that direction and Thaddeus, sure he could hit his mark, fired another arrow, as well. Again, there was silence. As the wind picked up once more and the sound of the trees became louder a second surprise attack from off the path came down on Sha’kuul, as he side-stepped the howling blade as it sliced the air just beside him. The cloaked figure landed just before them. “I’ll kill ye, MURDERER!”, he shouted. “Who do you think you are?”, replied Sha’kuul. It was then that he removed the cloak from over his head revealing a stout dwarf that had clearly vengeance burning in his eyes. ‘I pray that ye kill this MONSTER! I…am Torvin Thunderheart. He murdered mah brudder. Now, I got a bounty on ’im an’ that pretty blue hide of his.’ And with that, Torvin leaped toward Sha’kuul with his dual scimitars, slashing him just under the armor, bringing him down to one knee.

All of Sha’kuul’s life was flashing before him. Every innocent person killed, every city burned to ash, every piece of candy he stole from a baby, every elk he impaled on his trident now stood before him in judgement. As he grasped the chain around his neck and pulled out the holy symbol concealed under his armor, he prayed to his deity what to do now. Just as he felt that all was lost, the glass orb of smoke he had held fell to the ground with a very audible crack. A small chip in the orb quickly splintered off as it shattered into several pieces and the smoke seemed to magically pour out of its center. The smoke took on different colors as it swirled around Sha’kuul, surrounding him in a noticeably powerful magic. The pillar of smoke rose 20 feet high before it all fell at once, revealing the real monster that was once Sha’kuul. His scales were no longer the faded blue, but were phasing between blue, red, black, white, and green all across his face. His eyes glowed bright with hatred and he had grown to almost the size of the trees around him. As he donned his greatclub, he swung at the heroes with brutal force but was ultimately brought down as Khuthok laid the final blow with his fists hurdling downward onto the nape of Sha’kuul’s neck. (I’ll make this more epic later.)

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